How to Save Thousands of Dollars Next Year in Your Insurance Policies

Your insurance policies save you from spending extra money on your home and property. However, many families either have not enough coverage, or uninsured expensive properties.

The first place you should look to save some money is in your valuables. Perhaps this year you received an expensive gift, or acquired a new piece of jewelry or art. Before adding a new piece to your policy, you should have the items appraised so you know their worth. After the appraisal, protect your new items with a personal property policy. These policies are available as an add-on to your current policy.

If your valuables came in the form of a remodel for your kitchen or bathroom, you should consider a builder’s risk policy. Builder’s risk policies cover any issues you may have while working with contractors. While the remodel is happening, be sure to document progress with photos, so that you can show your insurance company.

If you are starting the new year with a new car, you will need comprehensive and collision insurance. Comprehensive insurance will protect you from vandalism, theft and falling objects.

In addition to these additions, you will want to look at your life insurance policy. If you had any type of change in 2016, such as a marriage, children, or finding a new job, you will want to adjust your life insurance policy. As depressing as it might be, it is a good idea to review your death benefit policy to see if you have the correct amounts and monthly payments.

With each type of these policies, taking a closer look will help you to save some money in the long run. If you have questions, or need guidance on insurance, this is where we come in! John J Walsh is here for all your insurance needs. Call Today!

Is Insurance a Good Idea for Your Family’s Pet?


Your pet is often a large part of your family. You raise him/her, and your children and you become attached to the animal almost instantly. Your love for the animal makes you feel that you would do whatever you could to ensure he/she gets the best medical care. However, your wallet may not support these ideas. Purchasing pet insurance is a big financial and emotional decision that is based on what you are willing to pay to protect your pet.

Aside from forming an unbreakable bond in your family, you never know what kind of health your pet will have when it is a baby. The animal could grow up completely healthy, or grow up with health problems. Even if the pet has a healthy start, of course health problems can develop over the course of its’ lifetime.

Health problems can cause serious financial issues for owners. Medical bills are not cheap, and often run around thousands, depending on what services your dog or cat needs.

Once first adopting your dog or cat, this is the perfect time to consider insurance. The policy will be cheaper when the animal is young, and it will cover you in case of any emergency that you are unable to pay for.

Many pet owners don’t save money “just in case” their dog or cat gets sick. For example, dogs eat everything! You never know if your dog will ingest something, perhaps while you are at work, or not watching him for a minute, that will cost you thousands. Some people on the flip side of the coin argue that a perfectly healthy dog doesn’t need insurance. Even though this MIGHT be true, you never know what circumstances you will encounter with your pet, so it is best to protect them in case. Don’t wait until you are in the lobby of the veterinarian’s practice, with a sick puppy, feeling anxious and trying to figure out how to pay a bill.

If you are financially able, pet insurance is the best decision to provide your animals with a long and healthy life.

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Why Flood Insurance is Important for All Homeowners

Many homeowners choose to forego flood insurance simply because they don’t live in a high-risk area. However, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) states that nearly 20% of all flood insurance claims come from homeowners in low-risk areas. Whether or not you are in a high-risk area, there is always a chance you and your family could be devastated by flood damage.

In recent news, thousands of Louisiana residents lost everything they owned, including their home, to one of the worst flooding disasters since Hurricane Sandy. Many of these homeowners did not have insurance to protect them in the case of a flood. Since they did not live in an area within a floodplain, they didn’t think it was important to have flood insurance.

It is important to note that standard homeowners insurance does not come with flood insurance. Without flood insurance, you’ll be paying out of pocket for all incurring damage in case of a flood. It only takes a few inches of water to incur thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

It’s true that there is federal assistance in these trying times, but only if the President declares a disaster area. Even then, it is actually a loan that you’ll end up paying for with interest over time. Compared to the damage a flood can cost, flood insurance is relatively cheap and will protect you and your family when disaster suddenly strikes.

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Have you been affected by the MASS Car Insurance Increase ? Look to Walsh Insurance for help

Recent news has been circulating that Massachusetts car insurance has increased in the last month. It is summer in Massachusetts, and people are enjoying time outside, travelling south to the coast to enjoy the beach weather. As a result, we have more traffic on the road as well as more drivers. With the summertime, unfortunately, comes drivers who are irresponsible and those who are susceptible to accidents. With more people on the road, and in a congested area means the possibility for a collision to occur among drivers.

Due to this reason, some insurances have increased their monthly premiums causing distress to many mass residents. It doesn’t stop there, that’s not the only reason car insurance has increased. The arrival of modern cars on the road has been causing companies to bring up the costs to state residents.Modern cars bring along modern technology cameras and expensive parts that can be expensive to replace. Therefore, some auto insurance companies have seen it liable to charge its customers a higher price because of these conditions. If you are a person who has been affected by this price spike and would like to seek an insurance company with a more reasonable and affordable monthly premium look to Walsh insurance company to learn more

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I am New Business Owner; How Do I know If I need Work Comp’s Insurance?

As a new business owner, you have probably gone down the list of all the requirements you may need to start your business. You have gone through the checks and balances, equipment, employees, and verifying that you are ready to provide services to clients. But did you consider insurance for worker’s comp?  Worker’s Comp insurance in Massachusetts is very important to consider and have, even if you only employed one person. Taking action to get insurance certifies that you and your employees are covered, should anything happen to them while on the job. It also protects you from potential threatening lawsuits to your business. It is Massachusetts Law to get Worker’s Comp insurance. Only under certain circumstantial cases are you able to be exempt from Worker’s Compensation?


Do I need to provide Worker’s Comp Insurance?

Depending on the nature of your business you may not need to require worker’s comp to your employees.

 If your line of business or employees does not fall in the list of the following cases below

It is Regulatory Required for you to be covered as a business owner of your employment.

  1. Trade involves interstate foreign commerce and works on a ship with mariners
  2. Professional Athletes under such contracts in which employer has discussed term and payments for athletic related injuries
  3. Real Estate salesmen or women who have agreed to terms in which the employer is only liable for compensations from commissions in distinction to Home sales and or rental property
  4. This also goes for salesmen and women of consumer products under contract in which they are only compensated for sales related to commissions. Salesmen have also agreed to terms where they are  not considered employees for federal tax functions as they are in no compatibility to hours worked. Does not apply to retail establishments.
  5. Taxi Cab Driver who has leased a car from taxi cab company, and has agreed to contract in which said company is only responsible for said rental fees and other payments; but not in any way liable for taxi fare in a way that makes driver qualified as an employee for federal taxes functions.
  6. A person employed by a business or trade involved in interstate or foreign commerce but only as far as the laws of the U.S are able to provide for compensation for their injury or death.
  7. A person whose employment does not particularly match up with his employer’s line of business. This is in exception to a person who is definitely considered employee of said business under Chapter 26 under Massachusetts commonwealth Law.


If you would like to learn more about Massachusetts Worker’s Comp Laws visit Mass.Gov for more specifications.


If your line of business or trade does not fall into any of these categories, we strongly recommend for you to look into a policy that works for you. At Walsh Insurance Company, we are here to help. In Massachusetts having insurance is for your own benefit at having a no-fault insurance in which it protects you from liability for employee’s injuries at their place of employment.

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Spending the Summer on the Cape, Consider Getting Boat Insurance


It is that time of year when most residents of Massachusetts take out their boats and go on to  Cape Cod to enjoy their summer. Whether you have a small motor boat, sailing boat, or Yacht, getting insurance is always something you as boat owner should be aware about. Let’s be frank, anything can happen to your boat. You could acquire any damage, anything and you want to make sure you are protected, as it is a very valuable possession. Not everyone in Massachusetts has the luxury of owning a boat, so taking care of yours is of utmost importance.

As a Mass Resident, there are things you should be aware of when shopping for insurance policies. To make sure you are choosing the best one for you.

What kind of Coverage Should I Seek?

You should know that the higher the coverage the better protected you are; reason being is that if your boat needs to be repaired or be replaced you would be able afford the cost of materials for your boat or yacht.  Choosing a high deductible, can also be beneficial because the more you are able to pay of your own income for replacements can lead to a low premium which would benefit you long term.

What does Boat Insurance Include

At the most basic level boat insurance will assist in covering for property damage to the boat and equipment. It will also protect you against any personal liability that may occur.  Being out in the Massachusetts waters a boat owner is not alone, as many others also take out their boats to enjoy the season. Coverage for personal liability protects you, for any accountability that may be placed upon you for any property damages or physical injuries. If any physical injuries to other people do occur while the boat is in your ownership. Boat Insurance will also help you pay for any medical expenses that you may acquire, as a result of the injuries. Boat insurance also includes uninsured boat owner coverage, which is very important if your boat acquires any damages from a hit and run situation, or a boat owner who does not have boat insurance.  This would be the same case for personal effects coverage which boat insurance also covers for any clothes, fishing equipment. Some of the coverage highlighted above can be purchased on top of the basic level boat insurance you decide.

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Why Get Renter’s Insurance, Learn How it Can Protect You

There have been so many occasions where we hear of families, or individuals losing everything inside their home whether it be in the event of a fire or a burglary. All they are left feeling is, what if there was something I could have done to prevent this? There isn’t, we cannot account for things that are going to happen because we don’t know the future. One thing we can do is be protected if something does happen. How do we do this you may ask?  Let’s talk about renter’s insurance.

                Renter’s Insurance and Home Insurance What’s the difference?

Getting Renter’s Insurance is probably one of the easiest ways for us to be protected from anything bad that might happen to our things and ourselves in our apartment or living space. The differentiation between renter’s insurance and home owner’s insurance is what it protects. While home owner’s insurance protects your home and the area surrounding, it does not protect the things inside, and the things you have probably spent so much on. It also definitely does not protect you if a thief comes to your home, takes everything in it, but the property is left unscathed. This is what Renter’s insurance is for and what it will protect.

Benefits of Renter’s Insurance

You will be amazed at how much everything you own costs, when you combine it all together. To be able to have a policy that will reimburse you for anything that is lost inside your home, is one of the best feelings in the world. If you have water damage, or smoke damage, it will protect you and will cover hotel expenses while repairs are done to your home. The many benefits and reasons why you should consider renter’s insurance. The best part about it is, that you can include an Umbrella Liability policy to your renter’s insurance. What this makes sure of is that anything the renter’s insurance doesn’t cover, you would be able to fall back on the umbrella liability. It serves as a safety net When anything in your primary renter’s insurance has been exhausted or used.

If you are a tenant and have considered getting renter’s insurance in Massachusetts, and looking for the best policy for you. Contact John J Walsh Insurance for detailed information on any questions you may have at 978-745-3300 or contact us via email at

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