Benefits Of Getting Wedding Insurance

bride and groom making a heart with their handsSummer is going strong and so is the wedding season with pictures appearing left and right. If you are looking to get married then you and your significant other should consider purchasing wedding insurance. Wedding insurance is a form of coverage that is to protect them from unforeseen issues that may create problems for your special day. The main coverage of wedding insurance falls under is event cancellation coverage, which reimburses policyholders for financial losses in case that the event under coverage is canceled or postponed. However, a wedding insurance policy does not just cover cancellations or postponements. There are a number of benefits to getting wedding insurance. Below are the most popular benefits that come with most insurance policies for weddings.

Extra Expenses

When it comes to having to cancel or postpone a wedding due to unforeseen circumstances, a cheaper route would be to paying more for an alternative. Whether this is finding a different vendor, buying replacement items, or making a whole set of new plans altogether. Getting wedding insurance helps reimburse you for the cost of these extra expenses if these types of situations were to arise.

Photographs & Video

With wedding insurance that has coverage for photos and videos, you are simply getting financial reimbursement for any payments you made to the photographer/videographer in unforeseen situations. This may include the person not showing up, or the film/negatives get damaged before your receive copies, or even the vendor not loading the film.

Event Gifts, Special Jewelry & Special Attire

When it comes to gifts and jewelry being stolen, most policy carriers will tell you to report to the police to make a claim. However, this part of wedding insurance covers items that are damaged or lost and depending on the contract there could be different stipulations for each case. If you claim there was damage due to weather then it would have had to have happened during the event, not prior to or after the wedding. If you have special attire that has been damaged then you will get reimbursed for that damage but the amount of reimbursement depends on whether or not the damage occurred prior to or during the wedding.

Professional Counseling Coverage

When it comes to different carriers, you could have wedding insurance that covers professional counseling. The coverage, however, would be for financial costs should the emotional stress of a canceled or postponed wedding push one of the policyholders to seek professional counseling for up to a year. This part of wedding insurance is a tricky aspect as for what it covers, as it could overlap with health insurance coverage for mental health. So when looking at different wedding insurance policies you should ask the insurance company if there is professional counseling coverage if you were to buy wedding insurance.

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Benefit of Having Boat/Yacht Insurance This Summer

boat in the oceanIt’s that time of year again when boats are on the water and folks are in high spirits because of the warm summer season. Before you go out to play on the water, it is wise to get boat insurance. Boat/yacht insurance is a policy that offers boater coverage and protection against damages, liability, and collision, and also provides you with the peace of mind that you need when boating. Let’s look at how a boat/yacht insurance policy can be beneficial for a boater this summer.

Flexible Coverage

With boat insurance, you don’t have to settle for limited coverage; instead, you have the flexibility to compare liability limits and deductibles, and you have the freedom to add additional coverages to a policy. A boat owner could start with specific liability limits but have the option to later increase that limit significantly. Under an umbrella policy, a boater has the ability to purchase additional liability for their boat that is higher than the traditional policy.

Covers Property Damage

An accident can result in costly damage to your boat/yacht, and having boat insurance is a convenient way of being prepared to address the damage done to your property, or damaged caused to someone else’s boat or a dock. A boating accident can average $10,000 worth of property damage, and a boat insurance policy is ideal for taking care of the cost associated with transporting the boat and repairing the boat itself.

Protects Against Physical Injuries to Yourself & Others

With boating accidents come the potential for injuries to self and others, and in 2016, there were more than 2,900 reported boating injuries. Boat insurance can provide medical payments coverage to help with the costs of watercraft-related injuries, that requires hospitalization and treatment.

Provides Liability Coverage

If you are involved in a boating accident, you could find yourself deemed at fault and this is when liability insurance comes in handy to help cover the damages. Boat accidents can be costly to the point where you could be responsible for the full amount of liability coverage. With a boat insurance liability coverage, you could ease your worry if at fault in a boat accident.

Like home or car insurance, boat insurance is very important because it provides liability protection, cover damages, protects against injuries, is flexible and provides the peace of mind that you need when you are boating this summer. If you are interested in boat insurance, or any other insurance services we cover, contact us today!

Why You Should Consider Flood Insurance

If you live near the coast, especially during this winter we’ve had, you may know first hand the destructive power the ocean and water can have, and the disastrous effects it can leave behind. Flooding is a real risk and is one of the most commonly occurring natural disasters in the country! Flooding can cause irreparable damage and can be extremely expensive. If you do not have flood insurance, it could cost you thousands.

Who needs Flood Insurance?

Most general homeowner’s insurance policies do not include flood insurance. They may include water damage caused by certain things like a burst pipe or a leak in the roof, but severe water damage caused by flooding may not be covered. Flooding can happen anywhere to anyone; certain homeowners are actually required to have flooding insurance if their home is located in a high-risk flood area. For homes in these high-risk regions, as defined by the Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973 and the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 1994, flood insurance is mandatory due to the higher likelihood of disaster.

Even if you’re not located in one of these high-risk zones, flooding is still a major possibility. Your home does not just have to be near the ocean or some body of water, it happens everywhere. Almost every region of the United States has experienced some form of flooding. Don’t wait for it to happen to you, one inch of flood water can cause $20,000 worth of damage! Protect your home and your financial stability before it is too late! Better safe than sorry right?

John J. Walsh Insurance has a variety of flood insurance options available for anyone! We offer low premiums and differing levels of coverage. Let John J. Walsh Insurance protect you and your home from the risk of disastrous flooding! Contact Walsh Insurance today to Inquire about our flood insurance programs!

Why You Need Boat Insurance for Your Boat

It is January and although the weather has been cold, yet, in a few weeks, it could be warm enough to go on the water with your yacht. However, before you hit the water, you should check how insured your watercraft is. Many people thought their homeowner’s insurance would cover their watercraft but the insurance may only cover up to $1000. So, like a vehicle, you should have insurance for your boat or ship.

A specialized policy will offer better terms and covers more than a homeowner’s insurance. In terms of liability, you will have a limited degree of coverage depending on the type of watercraft. It’s common for liability coverage of homeowner’s insurance to exclude your watercraft if it is in excess of 50 horsepower or if it is longer than 26 feet. So, if you have a nice yacht in the North Shore or Essex County, it is highly recommended to start shopping for a boat insurance.

Also, your personal boat dock may need additional insurance instead of just covered by your home insurance. Under many homeowner’s insurances, your dock will not be covered as a result of freezing, the weight of water/ice, pressure, and thawing, and these are just some of the common problems. So, you should inquire your insurance company as to any alternatives to cover your boat dock.

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Do I Really Need to Call the Police or File a Police Report After An Accident?

There are many auto accidents happening every day in the United States. In fact, Boston drivers are the worst according to Allstate’s “America’s Best Driver Report.  The report placed Boston at the bottom of the list, 200/200, down 1 place from 199 in 2014. However, when there is a minor auto accident that results in no injuries to little damages to the vehicles involved, many people wonder if they need to call the police or file a police report after a minor accident.

Injuries and Damage

Many car owners think when they are involved in a minor accident, a police report is not required. However, if you would like to ask for compensation from the accident, filing a police report will enhance your position in the case. You might feel pain after the accident but you were fine when the accident happened. So, with the police report filed, then your compensation request would be much easier.

This also happens in the damage to your car. Filing a police report will protect you on your journey for seeking a claim from the other party.

How to File a Police Report

In order to file a police report, you should call the police immediately after the accident occurred. Next, when the police arrive at the scene, you will discuss details of the accident and the police will interview the other party involved in the accident. Once the police report is filed, you will need a copy of it and send it to your insurance company.

Do You Need to Report the Accident to your Car Insurance Company?

If you would like to report a claim, even if you are not the one at fault, you should report the accident to your insurance company in case you need to repairs done on the vehicle. There are contract clauses in the insurance that require you to report all types of accidents to the insurance company.


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Is Your Garage Covered By Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Do you park your car in your garage or are you the homeowner that uses your garage as a storage space? Most of you will answer the latter because most of us park their cars in the driveway instead of in the garage. It is absolutely okay with that but have you take a closer look at your home insurance policy?

The car that you parked in the garage is insured on your auto policy and the home you are living in is insured on your home insurance policy. However, what about your garage, and the items you put there for the sake of out of sight. In many homes, there are in fact expensive items being placed in a garage such as a washer and a dryer. In addition to that, a second refrigerator and a wine cooler can be placed in the garage. If not properly insured, they will add up to a lot of value that will hurt you if there’s a loss.

So, whether your property in the garage is covered or not depends on if it is attached to your home. If the garage is attached to your home, then it will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. However, if it is not attached, then you will need to take a second look at the policy. In most cases, the policy will cover other structures that are on your residence. If you are using a portable shed, then you are not going to be covered. It is highly recommended to consult an insurance agent to fully understand your policy.

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3 Reasons Why Today’s Home Burn Faster

Did you know today’s homes burn faster? Many homeowners would think the larger the home, newer construction materials would make a fire burn more slowly, leaving more time to escape. However, that is not the case, about 30 years ago, there is an average of 17 minutes to escape, today only 3-4 minutes to escape.

There are several reasons why homes burn more quickly:

  • The building materials such as particle board and other man-made materials which constitute most of the building materials today burns faster than solid wood, concrete or masonry. They are lighter and cheaper to use than wood but they burn faster.
  • The larger the space is, the more items to burn for fires. Fires can spread quickly that are largely open and with more things to add to the fuel, there is more fire.
  • Couches and carpets that were used to be made of natural materials are no longer made. It might be cheaper and more durable but they have less resistance to fires.

Here are some things you should do to help you keep your family safe:

  • Have a working smoke detector
  • Purchase fire extinguishers
  • Create an escape plan

A house fire causes a significant amount of damages and having a homeowners’ insurance can cover some of the costs to rebuild your home. Contact John J Walsh Insurance today for a free quote. We are proud to serve Salem, Gloucester, Danvers, Peabody, and other areas in Essex County.