Why Every Small Business Needs Insurance

A small business may be a small business, but that does not make it foolproof. With millions of businesses worldwide, it is always best to be insured. Even small businesses required a significant investment at one point or another. Do not lose everything you put into your business when something out of your control affects it. A small business does not need to sign up for every insurance coverage out there but should at least have minimal insurance protection. Here are the types of insurance every small business should have.

Natural Disasters Are Unpredictable

Massachusetts has seen its fair share of natural disasters over the years. If only someone or something could predict the impact of a natural disaster. While meteorologists have an idea of when natural disasters are coming, they do not know every area it will impact or damage. In most cases, the best way to combat a natural disaster is to have insurances in place. While natural disasters will not repair damaged items or property, they go a long way when it comes to funding replacements.

Potential Lawsuits

Unfortunately, every small business faces the chance of being sued. A business can be sued for a myriad of reasons, and whether or not the business is at fault, it is paramount to be insured.

It’s Required in Most Cases

Most small businesses are required to have some form of insurance. It is essential for business owners to know what insurance they have and do not have. Not having any insurance when an unfortunate incident occurs will not be an ideal situation.

What Types of Insurance Can My Small Business Get?

  • Liability Insurance

Liability insurance for a small business comes into play when lawsuits or malpractice is brought to the forefront against a business. Liability insurance can cover payouts, costs, injury settlements, etc.

  • Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance provides financial protection and insurances to a businesses employees should they get injured while on the job.

Professional Insurance Coverages For Small Businesses: John J. Walsh Insurance Agency

John J. Walsh Insurance Agency offers a variety of insurance coverage plans for small businesses. Contact us today to learn more or get started on protecting your business!


Reasons To Choose John J. Walsh Insurance This Fall

With fall officially here, the weather is about to change significantly and it is best to be prepared for the unexpected. John J. Walsh Insurance agency has been an independent insurance agency for decades now. When you choose us as your insurance agency, we will make sure you have the right insurance coverage.

Our Personal and Commercial Insurance Options

Some companies only specialize in either personal or commercial services. At John J.Walsh Insurance, that is not the case. John J.Walsh Insurance offers a variety of personal insurance policies tailored to fit your needs. On the flip side, our team understands that business owners also need to be protected. Businesses invest so much, if something goes wrong, being covered can save the business. We can also help businesses put policies in place that protect their employees should something unfortunate arise.

Our History

In all our years of being in the insurance agency, we have seen it all. We have all the insurance bases covered and expanded to an additional location over a decade ago. Any insurance question you may have, we can answer!

Our Willingness To Go Above and Beyond

It is not solely about the “bottom line” for us. We have a caring staff and want to help people that depend on us the best we can. We will always be fair, reasonable, and flexible with our clients. We believe in a commitment to excellence and will not be satisfied with anything less.

Our Quantity Of Insurances Offered

We offer over ten different insurance policies and a handful of them are ideal to have in the Fall. For example, our flood insurance coverage can be a game-changer if you encounter significant flooding during this rainy season.

Professional Insurance Coverage in Salem & Rockport, MA:

John J. Walsh Insurance

John J. Walsh Insurance Agency is here to help you with your Insurance needs. Whatever plan or policy you would like to put in place, our team can make it happen. We always look forward to serving our communities and making sure everyone who needs coverage, gets it. Contact us today to get started!

How Important Is Insurance For A Business?

Having insurance for a business is extremely important these days. Accidents and unfortunate circumstances can crop up at any time for any business. Doing everything you can to protect your business can be the difference between staying in business and having to sell your business. One of the most convenient aspects of having insurance for a business is the different types of insurance policies to choose from. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to insurance. It can be tailored based on needs and coverage. Here is what to know about business insurance if you are a new business owner.

Business Insurance Is Required by Law In Some States

Most states in America require at least some form of business insurance for companies. It is best to know at least the minimum coverage expected for a business by a state to avoid penalties. Even if the state your business is in does not require certain types of business insurance, it is not a bad idea to consider the policies available. Business insurance can alleviate lawsuits, injures, theft, and unexpected disasters.

Employees Will Feel More At Ease

Employees will feel more comfortable getting to work and being in a physical workspace if they know business insurance covers them from the unexpected. It is essential for a business to communicate insurance information to its employees.

It Shows Credibility

Making it clear to employees and customers that your business has insurance measures in place will show them you care about their overall well-being. Having business insurance is a good way to show the public you do not just care about the “bottom line”.

Natural Disasters Can Strike at Anytime

Mother nature does not play favorites, especially in a state like Massachusetts. Heavy rain, floods, snow, wind, etc. can wreak havoc on a business location. It is always best to be insured against what you cannot control.

Commercial Insurance Services In Rockport & Salem, MA: John J. Walsh Insurance

John J. Walsh Insurance can work with commercial businesses and help them put together an insurance policy that covers all their needs. If your business does not have insurance now, it is best to finally get around to that. Contact us today to get started!

What Are The Most Common Insurance Claims In The Fall?

As the season is about to change, so will the increase in certain insurance claims. Below are 5 insurance claims that tend to be popular in the fall and how to be wary of them.

Claims That Involve Collisions With Animals

In the fall it gets darker significantly earlier making it harder to see driving at night. Every state has certain animals that like to venture across the roads at night. Most of these collisions with animals involve animals large in nature such as: deer, mooses and coyotes. It is essential to pay extra attention on the roads when it is dark out and be cognizant of your surroundings.

Claims Involving Rear-End Collisions

Going off the previous paragraph, rear-end collisions tend to be higher in the fall and winter months compared to the other two seasons. This can be tied to the fact it gets darker earlier in the day and from not paying full attention behind the wheel. Always eliminate distractions when on the road.

Claims Involving Driving With Inclement Weather

Inclement weather can make it challenging to drive on certain days. Even for experienced and good drivers, inclement weather can have its way. On days when you are driving in inclement weather it is important to pace yourself and drive vigilantly.

Claims Involving Fire Damage

While fire damages are prevalent in the Summertime due to grills and outdoor barbeques, indoor fireplaces and candles can still allow fire damage to occur in other seasons. When using flammable services or items, always monitor the situation and do not leave it unattended.

Claims Involving Property Damage

The New England fall climate can wreak havoc on unsuspecting properties. From hail, strong winds, etc., your roof and patios can take quite the beating. If weather damages your exterior property, you may be able to make an insurance claim depending on your policy.

Professional Insurance Policies in Rockland, & Salem, MA

At John J. Walsh insurance, our team offer a handful of different insurance policies that can be tailored to fit your needs. If you are seeking certain insurance coverages, contact our team and we would be glad to work on putting together a plan for you!

What To Do To Avoid Insurance Claims This Fall

Summer is winding down and fall will be here in just a few weeks. Many types of insurance claims increase in the fall and even with having insurance, making an insurance claim is not always ideal. Here are some strategies you can implement this fall to decrease the chances you have to make an insurance claim.

Have Your HVAC System Cleaned & Inspected

HVAC systems are an essential component of many homes, especially ones in Massachusetts. Over time HVAC systems accumulate quite a lot of debris, dirt, and dust. Being passive towards HVAC maintenance can lead it to falter before you know it. A Fall HVAC inspection by either the homeowner or an HVAC professional is not a bad idea either.

Be Vigilant When Driving

Driving in the fall is typically more challenging than driving in the summer. In the fall inclement weather can make it more difficult to drive. On fall days when the weather is not ideal, it is essential to stay focused on the roads and be alert. The majority of car accidents occur due to drivers being negligent.

Secure Your Home At All Times

Break-In and thefts are one of the most common filed insurance claims. Always make sure to lock all of your doors and to close your garage doors when you are not around. Do not assume that even safe neighborhoods are above dealing with break in’s and theft. Investing in a home security system has become a popular trend in recent years.

Mitigate Chances Water Damage Can Strike

In some cases, water damage is out of one’s control and be chalked up to bad luck. In most cases however, water damage can be mitigated or prevented by cleaning out your clogged gutter, addressing leaking pipes, and taking care of your washing machine.

Professional Insurance Policies in Rockland & Salem, MA: John J. Walsh Insurance

At John J. Walsh Insurance, we love helping people get the insurance they are seeking. We offer a variety of insurance policies that can be tailored to fit your needs. Contact us today to get the insurance you deserve!

What To Know About Renters Insurance This Summer

It is the middle of Summer and renting properties is one of the most popular things people do this time of year. Not only is renter’s insurance popular, it is also one of the most affordable insurance policies offered at most insurance agencies. With renters insurance, there can be nuances making it challenging to understand how it fully works if you have never used the policy before. Here is what you need to know about renter’s insurance before getting it.

How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost?

Renter’s Insurance costs will vary from state to state. Every state has different policies and standards. With that said, the national average for renters insurance is roughly $170 dollars a year. In other words, the average person pays about $15 for renters insurance if they have it. In a state like Massachusetts, the average yearly cost for renters insurance is $190.

Offers Protection When Your Landlord’s Policy Does Not

Those who have never used a renters insurance policy before are under the impression their landlord’s policy covers them. Unfortunately, that is not the case most of the time. While a landlord’s insurance policy can cover building expenses, it does not usually apply to a renter’s belongings. Landlord insurance policies also typically do not hold up when it comes to accidental damages while renting out a place.

What Does Renters Insurance Offer Aside From Theft Protection?

Of the many who choose to sign up for a renters insurance policy, a majority do so to protect their assets and belongings if they get stolen. One of the best aspects of renters insurance is that it covers much more than merely theft protection. Most renter insurance policies will also cover relocation expenses and damages caused by mother nature.

Renters Insurance Policies In Rockport, MA & Salem, MA: John J. Walsh Insurance Agency

Looking for the perfect type of renters insurance? Whether you are renting out a condominium or an apartment, John J. Walsh insurance experts can help you secure the right renter’s insurance policy. Contact our team if you need renters insurance! We offer flexible and affordable policies!

Choose John J. Walsh For Boat & Yacht Insurance

Summer is in full swing and one of the best things about Summer in Massachusetts is being out in the water. From the Boston Harbor to islands such as Nantucket and Cape Cod, there are plenty of water adventures one can venture in this time of year. Boats and especially yachts are a significant financial investment. If you own or plan to own a boat or yacht, our team would love to help you protect it. Here are the reasons you should work with our insurance team to protect not only your boat and yacht this Summer but yourself as well.


John J. Walsh offers flexible boat and yacht insurance policies. We can customize an insurance policy to make sure you and your assets are protected sufficiently. Whether you are looking for a personal insurance plan or commercial plan, we can get the job done. We can work within your budget and help you feel comfortable.


At John J, Walsh Insurance, we offer fair and affordable rates. We can help you meet any insurance requirements at a low price.


John J. Walsh Insurance has a long-standing history in the insurance game. We have two locations. Our Rockport, MA location opened in 1993 and we have had our Salem, MA location since 2009.


At John J. Walsh Insurance Agency, we never take hospitality lightly. We always aim to be honest, fair, and professional. Most importantly we always strive to be interested in our customers and their desires.


At John J. Walsh Insurance, our team members love what we do! We love helping others protect their valuable assets and at the same time, we enjoy working in the insurance industry!

Professional Boat/Yacht Insurance In Rockport & Salem, MA: John J. Walsh Insurance

John J. Walsh Insurance Agency offers a wide range of insurance policies. At this point in the year boat and yacht insurance policies tend to be more popular than others. If you are looking for the right boat or yacht insurance policy, look no further. Just give our team a call and we will get you on the right track!

Essential Summer Driving Tips

Summer is now just less than 2 weeks away, and while there are plenty of reasons to get excited, it is also a time to be extra careful. While driving in the Summer will not involve dealing with the snow, ice or hail, there are still numerous factors that can make summer driving challenging at times. Believe it or not, many people believe Summer driving is the most dangerous of all seasons. Here are helpful Summer driving tips to keep in mind every Summer.

#1 Have A Pair Of Sunglasses Handy

Have you ever driven with the sun glaring into your eyes? It is not fun. While Summer weather is mostly great, it can be unpredictable at times. Driving with the sun directly in your eyes is extremely dangerous. Always having a pair of sunglasses stored in your car is a good idea.

#2 Be Cognizant Of Distracted Drivers

With school out and people traveling around the state, there is a good chance roads will be busier than usual this time of year. This means there is a higher chance of distracted drivers sharing the road with you. The moment you notice a distracted driver near your vehicle, let them pass you or drive ahead of them.

#3 Make Sure Your Vehicle is Performing Optimally

Most cars need to serviced a few times a year. If your car has not been serviced recently or your car is telling you it needs to be serviced soon, do not procrastinate. The last thing you want is for your car to stop in the middle of nowhere or lack the necessary fluid levels.

#4 Know The Future Weather Forecast

Along the lines of what we mentioned earlier, sometimes the weather will change in the Summer with little to no warning. Having a good sense of the potential weather will help you plan around your day. If you can avoid driving in thunderstorms, flash floods, heavy downpours, it is best to do so.

#5 Stay Hydrated During Hot Days

Driving while dehydrated is not a good idea and can be dangerous for you and others on the road. Always make sure to drink enough water before driving on a hot day and have water handy if you plan on driving for a significant amount of time.

Professional Auto Insurance In Rockport, MA & Salem MA: John J. Walsh Insurance Agency

John J. Walsh Insurance can make sure you are properly insured before you hit the road this summer. If you would like to customize your car insurance and need a specific automobile insurance, contact our team!

The Importance of Commercial Auto Insurance

In today’s world, many businesses rely on having multiple drivers and vehicles operate on a daily basis. When you are out on the road that often, anything can happen. Personal insurance policies and commercial insurance policies are 2 separate entities. A personal auto insurance policy generally covers one person and their own car. Commercial insurance policies are in place to protect and cover an entire business when accidents happen.

What Is Typically Included With Commercial Auto Insurance Policies?

Liability Protection: Collisions with a commercial vehicle can do quite the damage. Liability protection offers a form of insurance that can make one less liable during an accident, especially if it was not your fault.

Medical Payments: Medical bills can also be quite expensive and when someone is injured in an accident they may want to blame you, even if it was not your fault. Commercial Auto Insurance Policies can help cover medical payments if you are someone else is injured.

Comprehensive Coverages: Commercial Auto Insurance Policies cover more than car collisions. This aspect of a commercial auto insurance policy will help cover the costs should the vehicle be vandalized, stolen or damaged in an event that does not involve a collision.

What Type Of People Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial Auto Insurance is required in the majority of states in America so it is important to make sure you and your company are covered before hitting the road. Those who typically need to have commercial auto insurance involve those who drive trucks, those who drive equipment, and those who drive to meet clients or customers.

Can Commercial Auto Insurance Be Customized?

Most insurance companies will offer additional commercial coverages and can tailor policies to best fit your needs. Commercial insurance policies are typically flexible and can be customized.

Commercial Auto Insurance Policies Offered in Salem and Rockport, MA: John J. Walsh Insurance

John J. Walsh Insurance understands the importance of commercial auto insurance. We will work carefully with you to ensure you have the proper commercial auto insurance your company seeks. We can even offer additional coverages for more protection. Contact us today to get started!

Important Things Teenage Drivers Need To Know

When teenagers finally get their driver’s license, it can be an exciting time for them. Getting your driver’s license as a teenager is a sign of independence and a big stepping stone. With that said, yearly teenage driving statistics indicate teenage drivers can be reckless on the roads and are the most vulnerable driving demographic. Having automobile insurance is great, but it can only cover so much. Whether you are a parent of teenagers or a teenager yourself, here are important aspects driving teenagers need to be cognizant of.

Do Not Participate In Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a problem for all ages but mostly teenagers. Distracted driving refers to texting while driving, using your phone while driving or doing an activity that involves taking your eyes off the road. Driving is not a time to fool around. Driving requires undivided attention to the roads and hands on the steering wheel. All it takes is one second of being distracted for an accident to occur.

Everyone Needs to Wear A Seatbelt

Seatbelts exist for a reason. Not only do drivers need to be wearing a seatbelt while driving, but so does every other passenger in the vehicle. It is the drivers responsibility to make sure every one in the car has their seatbelt on when the car is in motion.

Do Not Attempt To Drive Under The Influence

Nobody should ever drive when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol but unfortunately, it is something that occurs too often. While you cannot control others getting behind the wheel when they are drunk or high, you can control yourself. Driving under the influence often leads to severe repercussions. If you are ever drunk or high and need to drive home, call for help or have someone you trust to drive you home. Not getting into a car as a passenger when the driver is under the influence is also important.

Automobile Insurance In Rockport, MA, and Salem, MA: John J. Walsh Insurance

It is essential to have automobile insurance before you start driving for the first time. If you are still looking for the right automobile insurance coverage, contact our insurance team!