5 Reasons You Need Car Insurance

It’s easy to take advantage of how much we depend on our vehicles. Being without one for more than a day seems like an unthinkable event in some situations. Protect your car as you would your home and purchase adequate car insurance. In order to drive your vehicle, it’s required that you have car insurance in the first place, but understanding the reasons for needing it will put you at ease when you go to pay that premium every month.

The first reason to purchase car insurance is to help save money in the long run. Auto accidents are frequent and expensive. You can hope that you are never involved in one, and hopefully, you would be right. However, insurance can help cover a lot of those expenses should you become involved in an accident. Property damage and personal injury can be extensive and the type of policy you have dictates how much you will be responsible for paying. The better your insurance, the lower your deductible, the more money you save. Your insurance agency can help you navigate all of the options and the costs associated with them.

An insurance agency is no stranger to processing claims and has most likely seen countless different situations. No matter what has happened, your agent will be able to walk you through the process and keep you informed about the next steps. They will take over coordinating coverage amounts with the other driver’s insurance agency, help you find a repair shop, and even walk you through what to do if the other driver is uninsured. It’s almost a no-brainer. Simply having someone there to walk you through the process will be invaluable should an unfortunate accident occur.

It’s not a guarantee that every single driver on the road has the correct or adequate insurance coverage if they even have it at all. Making sure you are covered with your own auto insurance will provide a piece of mind no matter what happens out on the road. The only thing you can control is your driving. Insurance helps cover the consequences of the unpredictability of the road.

If you are in an accident, hopefully, the only thing that sustains damage is the vehicle. Should it be more serious, your car may not be the only thing auto insurance covers. If you don’t have health insurance, if it is inadequate, or if they won’t cover certain medical expenses, your auto insurance may be able to help out. Personal injury directly sustained from an accident may qualify for compensation or reimbursement. Talk to your insurance agent about what personal injury coverage options are available and if they are required by your state.

You can be caught in a worse situation if you decide to drive without insurance. Getting pulled over or in an accident without coverage can result in astronomical unplanned expenses. On top of those, there could be punitive fines. You could also risk losing your driver’s license.


Do I Really Need to Call the Police or File a Police Report After An Accident?

There are many auto accidents happening every day in the United States. In fact, Boston drivers are the worst according to Allstate’s “America’s Best Driver Report.  The report placed Boston at the bottom of the list, 200/200, down 1 place from 199 in 2014. However, when there is a minor auto accident that results in no injuries to little damages to the vehicles involved, many people wonder if they need to call the police or file a police report after a minor accident.

Injuries and Damage

Many car owners think when they are involved in a minor accident, a police report is not required. However, if you would like to ask for compensation from the accident, filing a police report will enhance your position in the case. You might feel pain after the accident but you were fine when the accident happened. So, with the police report filed, then your compensation request would be much easier.

This also happens in the damage to your car. Filing a police report will protect you on your journey for seeking a claim from the other party.

How to File a Police Report

In order to file a police report, you should call the police immediately after the accident occurred. Next, when the police arrive at the scene, you will discuss details of the accident and the police will interview the other party involved in the accident. Once the police report is filed, you will need a copy of it and send it to your insurance company.

Do You Need to Report the Accident to your Car Insurance Company?

If you would like to report a claim, even if you are not the one at fault, you should report the accident to your insurance company in case you need to repairs done on the vehicle. There are contract clauses in the insurance that require you to report all types of accidents to the insurance company.


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Have you been affected by the MASS Car Insurance Increase ? Look to Walsh Insurance for help

Recent news has been circulating that Massachusetts car insurance has increased in the last month. It is summer in Massachusetts, and people are enjoying time outside, travelling south to the coast to enjoy the beach weather. As a result, we have more traffic on the road as well as more drivers. With the summertime, unfortunately, comes drivers who are irresponsible and those who are susceptible to accidents. With more people on the road, and in a congested area means the possibility for a collision to occur among drivers.

Due to this reason, some insurances have increased their monthly premiums causing distress to many mass residents. It doesn’t stop there, that’s not the only reason car insurance has increased. The arrival of modern cars on the road has been causing companies to bring up the costs to state residents.Modern cars bring along modern technology cameras and expensive parts that can be expensive to replace. Therefore, some auto insurance companies have seen it liable to charge its customers a higher price because of these conditions. If you are a person who has been affected by this price spike and would like to seek an insurance company with a more reasonable and affordable monthly premium look to Walsh insurance company to learn more

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Purchasing Insurance for a New Car

If you are in the middle of buying a new car, whether it’s pre-owned or brand new, you should research insurance rates before you finalize the purchase; your insurance premium is calculated (not completely but a good amount) by how the Institute of Highway Safety ranks the safety of your vehicle’s make.

Some models will carry higher premiums than others; you should keep this in mind when looking to purchase a new car.

What are some vehicles with the lowest premiums: 

As of right now, the following cars have the lowest premiums, this is subject to change:

  • Large Sedan
  • Mid-Sized SUV
  • Mid-Sized Minivan

The reason these cars have lower premiums is because they are family cars, and the driver of these vehicles are not likely to speed or drive recklessly.

Just because you drive a big SUV or your drive a luxury car, does not mean your insurance premium will be lower; in fact, in many cases, the premium will be higher. Why? Well for one, if you purchase a luxury car, because it is a theft magnet, the insurance will be a little higher just in case it is stolen! For bigger cars the premium is usually higher because when their is a collision, a large car will cause a lot of damage.

Before you purchase your next vehicle, speak to one of our insurance agents; we can help research different models you’re interested in, and give you a ballpark figure on how much your premium would cost.

Feel free to give us a call to go over car insurance premiums at 978-745-3300. We will do all the research and help you find an affordable premium for the model you wish to purchase!