Benefit of Having Boat/Yacht Insurance This Summer

boat in the oceanIt’s that time of year again when boats are on the water and folks are in high spirits because of the warm summer season. Before you go out to play on the water, it is wise to get boat insurance. Boat/yacht insurance is a policy that offers boater coverage and protection against damages, liability, and collision, and also provides you with the peace of mind that you need when boating. Let’s look at how a boat/yacht insurance policy can be beneficial for a boater this summer.

Flexible Coverage

With boat insurance, you don’t have to settle for limited coverage; instead, you have the flexibility to compare liability limits and deductibles, and you have the freedom to add additional coverages to a policy. A boat owner could start with specific liability limits but have the option to later increase that limit significantly. Under an umbrella policy, a boater has the ability to purchase additional liability for their boat that is higher than the traditional policy.

Covers Property Damage

An accident can result in costly damage to your boat/yacht, and having boat insurance is a convenient way of being prepared to address the damage done to your property, or damaged caused to someone else’s boat or a dock. A boating accident can average $10,000 worth of property damage, and a boat insurance policy is ideal for taking care of the cost associated with transporting the boat and repairing the boat itself.

Protects Against Physical Injuries to Yourself & Others

With boating accidents come the potential for injuries to self and others, and in 2016, there were more than 2,900 reported boating injuries. Boat insurance can provide medical payments coverage to help with the costs of watercraft-related injuries, that requires hospitalization and treatment.

Provides Liability Coverage

If you are involved in a boating accident, you could find yourself deemed at fault and this is when liability insurance comes in handy to help cover the damages. Boat accidents can be costly to the point where you could be responsible for the full amount of liability coverage. With a boat insurance liability coverage, you could ease your worry if at fault in a boat accident.

Like home or car insurance, boat insurance is very important because it provides liability protection, cover damages, protects against injuries, is flexible and provides the peace of mind that you need when you are boating this summer. If you are interested in boat insurance, or any other insurance services we cover, contact us today!


Why You Need Boat Insurance for Your Boat

It is January and although the weather has been cold, yet, in a few weeks, it could be warm enough to go on the water with your yacht. However, before you hit the water, you should check how insured your watercraft is. Many people thought their homeowner’s insurance would cover their watercraft but the insurance may only cover up to $1000. So, like a vehicle, you should have insurance for your boat or ship.

A specialized policy will offer better terms and covers more than a homeowner’s insurance. In terms of liability, you will have a limited degree of coverage depending on the type of watercraft. It’s common for liability coverage of homeowner’s insurance to exclude your watercraft if it is in excess of 50 horsepower or if it is longer than 26 feet. So, if you have a nice yacht in the North Shore or Essex County, it is highly recommended to start shopping for a boat insurance.

Also, your personal boat dock may need additional insurance instead of just covered by your home insurance. Under many homeowner’s insurances, your dock will not be covered as a result of freezing, the weight of water/ice, pressure, and thawing, and these are just some of the common problems. So, you should inquire your insurance company as to any alternatives to cover your boat dock.

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Going out on the water with your yacht is a great leisure, but you should make sure you have enough insurance before getting too far out in the water. Contact us for boat insurance and home insurance in Salem, Rockport, Gloucester, Beverly, and other areas in Essex County and North Shore.

Spending the Summer on the Cape, Consider Getting Boat Insurance


It is that time of year when most residents of Massachusetts take out their boats and go on to  Cape Cod to enjoy their summer. Whether you have a small motor boat, sailing boat, or Yacht, getting insurance is always something you as boat owner should be aware about. Let’s be frank, anything can happen to your boat. You could acquire any damage, anything and you want to make sure you are protected, as it is a very valuable possession. Not everyone in Massachusetts has the luxury of owning a boat, so taking care of yours is of utmost importance.

As a Mass Resident, there are things you should be aware of when shopping for insurance policies. To make sure you are choosing the best one for you.

What kind of Coverage Should I Seek?

You should know that the higher the coverage the better protected you are; reason being is that if your boat needs to be repaired or be replaced you would be able afford the cost of materials for your boat or yacht.  Choosing a high deductible, can also be beneficial because the more you are able to pay of your own income for replacements can lead to a low premium which would benefit you long term.

What does Boat Insurance Include

At the most basic level boat insurance will assist in covering for property damage to the boat and equipment. It will also protect you against any personal liability that may occur.  Being out in the Massachusetts waters a boat owner is not alone, as many others also take out their boats to enjoy the season. Coverage for personal liability protects you, for any accountability that may be placed upon you for any property damages or physical injuries. If any physical injuries to other people do occur while the boat is in your ownership. Boat Insurance will also help you pay for any medical expenses that you may acquire, as a result of the injuries. Boat insurance also includes uninsured boat owner coverage, which is very important if your boat acquires any damages from a hit and run situation, or a boat owner who does not have boat insurance.  This would be the same case for personal effects coverage which boat insurance also covers for any clothes, fishing equipment. Some of the coverage highlighted above can be purchased on top of the basic level boat insurance you decide.

Want to learn more about what is the best coverage for you this summer Visit Walsh For more information about our boating insurance, or for a free quote, please give Walsh Insurance a call at 978-745-3300.


Boat Insurance

Summer 2015 is just around the corner, is your boat insurance up to date?! Being located in the North Shore, we know how seriously folks take their boating; we are here to make sure you’re fully insured in an event your involved in some sort of a boating accident.

Being located right near the water  we understand how relaxing boating and just being on the water is, because of this we know the ins and outs on the best insurance policies for just about any marine toy; whether you’re cruising in a sailboat, cabin cruiser, fishing boat, ski boat, pontoon, etc. we will help you find an insurance policy that covers your needs and fits your budget! We also insure jet skis and wave runners!

Before you get out on the water this summer, make sure you, your equipment and your friends are fully insured! For more information about our boating insurance, or for a free quote, please give Walsh Insurance a call at 978-745-3300.