Benefits Of Getting Wedding Insurance

bride and groom making a heart with their handsSummer is going strong and so is the wedding season with pictures appearing left and right. If you are looking to get married then you and your significant other should consider purchasing wedding insurance. Wedding insurance is a form of coverage that is to protect them from unforeseen issues that may create problems for your special day. The main coverage of wedding insurance falls under is event cancellation coverage, which reimburses policyholders for financial losses in case that the event under coverage is canceled or postponed. However, a wedding insurance policy does not just cover cancellations or postponements. There are a number of benefits to getting wedding insurance. Below are the most popular benefits that come with most insurance policies for weddings.

Extra Expenses

When it comes to having to cancel or postpone a wedding due to unforeseen circumstances, a cheaper route would be to paying more for an alternative. Whether this is finding a different vendor, buying replacement items, or making a whole set of new plans altogether. Getting wedding insurance helps reimburse you for the cost of these extra expenses if these types of situations were to arise.

Photographs & Video

With wedding insurance that has coverage for photos and videos, you are simply getting financial reimbursement for any payments you made to the photographer/videographer in unforeseen situations. This may include the person not showing up, or the film/negatives get damaged before your receive copies, or even the vendor not loading the film.

Event Gifts, Special Jewelry & Special Attire

When it comes to gifts and jewelry being stolen, most policy carriers will tell you to report to the police to make a claim. However, this part of wedding insurance covers items that are damaged or lost and depending on the contract there could be different stipulations for each case. If you claim there was damage due to weather then it would have had to have happened during the event, not prior to or after the wedding. If you have special attire that has been damaged then you will get reimbursed for that damage but the amount of reimbursement depends on whether or not the damage occurred prior to or during the wedding.

Professional Counseling Coverage

When it comes to different carriers, you could have wedding insurance that covers professional counseling. The coverage, however, would be for financial costs should the emotional stress of a canceled or postponed wedding push one of the policyholders to seek professional counseling for up to a year. This part of wedding insurance is a tricky aspect as for what it covers, as it could overlap with health insurance coverage for mental health. So when looking at different wedding insurance policies you should ask the insurance company if there is professional counseling coverage if you were to buy wedding insurance.

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