Is Your Garage Covered By Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Do you park your car in your garage or are you the homeowner that uses your garage as a storage space? Most of you will answer the latter because most of us park their cars in the driveway instead of in the garage. It is absolutely okay with that but have you take a closer look at your home insurance policy?

The car that you parked in the garage is insured on your auto policy and the home you are living in is insured on your home insurance policy. However, what about your garage, and the items you put there for the sake of out of sight. In many homes, there are in fact expensive items being placed in a garage such as a washer and a dryer. In addition to that, a second refrigerator and a wine cooler can be placed in the garage. If not properly insured, they will add up to a lot of value that will hurt you if there’s a loss.

So, whether your property in the garage is covered or not depends on if it is attached to your home. If the garage is attached to your home, then it will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. However, if it is not attached, then you will need to take a second look at the policy. In most cases, the policy will cover other structures that are on your residence. If you are using a portable shed, then you are not going to be covered. It is highly recommended to consult an insurance agent to fully understand your policy.

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