How to Save Thousands of Dollars Next Year in Your Insurance Policies

Your insurance policies save you from spending extra money on your home and property. However, many families either have not enough coverage, or uninsured expensive properties.

The first place you should look to save some money is in your valuables. Perhaps this year you received an expensive gift, or acquired a new piece of jewelry or art. Before adding a new piece to your policy, you should have the items appraised so you know their worth. After the appraisal, protect your new items with a personal property policy. These policies are available as an add-on to your current policy.

If your valuables came in the form of a remodel for your kitchen or bathroom, you should consider a builder’s risk policy. Builder’s risk policies cover any issues you may have while working with contractors. While the remodel is happening, be sure to document progress with photos, so that you can show your insurance company.

If you are starting the new year with a new car, you will need comprehensive and collision insurance. Comprehensive insurance will protect you from vandalism, theft and falling objects.

In addition to these additions, you will want to look at your life insurance policy. If you had any type of change in 2016, such as a marriage, children, or finding a new job, you will want to adjust your life insurance policy. As depressing as it might be, it is a good idea to review your death benefit policy to see if you have the correct amounts and monthly payments.

With each type of these policies, taking a closer look will help you to save some money in the long run. If you have questions, or need guidance on insurance, this is where we come in! John J Walsh is here for all your insurance needs. Call Today!