Massachusetts Independent Umbrella Insurance Agency

Umbrella liability insurance is liability coverage that goes over and beyond your currently existing plans. Umbrella insurance is unique in that it provides extra coverage in two different ways:

  • Umbrella insurance covers a broader range of losses/liabilities than a primary insurance policy;

Umbrella insurance covers losses that may not be covered in primary liability insurance policies. This means you are protected even in cases where your primary policy does not provide coverage. Umbrella insurance is a great way to ensure your peace of mind by having truly comprehensive coverage.

  • Umbrella insurance provides financial relief once the primary insurance policy has been exhausted.

Umbrella liability insurance is purchased in addition to a primary liability insurance policy. In some cases, the losses incurred may exceed the coverage amount. When this happens, the umbrella policy kicks in and covers the remaining losses, up to the umbrella policy’s limits.


The broader coverage and increased financial relief provided by umbrella liability insurance can be a lifesaver if the worst happens. If you’d like to explore umbrella coverage, contact John J Walsh Insurance Agency; we will help you decide if umbrella liability coverage is right for you.

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