Personal Property Insurance

Personal Property Coverage is insurance that protects your home’s items, like furniture and other belongings. Your furniture and belongings are worth more than you think, make sure you have the proper coverage that protects their value in the event they are damaged!

To determine the amount of Personal Coverage you will need, take a look at the belongings you value most; these items will be covered in the even they are damaged or stolen. Before you pull the trigger, take a walk around your house, and note the items you spent a lot of money on ; items you would be devastated if they were ever damaged.

There are two types of Personal Property Insurance Policies:

  • Actual Cash Value: If an item is ever damaged or stolen, you would get paid cash based on what their current value would be if you sold them today. So you would get a replacement cost, minus deprecation.
  • Replacement Cash Coverage: This is more of a premium package; if an item is damaged or lost, you will get paid based on what it would cost to buy the item new during the claim period.

Still have questions about Personal Coverage Insurance? Contact a Walsh Insurance Agent today! We will answer any questions you may have and get you started towards completing your new insurance claim.