Purchasing Insurance for a New Car

If you are in the middle of buying a new car, whether it’s pre-owned or brand new, you should research insurance rates before you finalize the purchase; your insurance premium is calculated (not completely but a good amount) by how the Institute of Highway Safety ranks the safety of your vehicle’s make.

Some models will carry higher premiums than others; you should keep this in mind when looking to purchase a new car.

What are some vehicles with the lowest premiums: 

As of right now, the following cars have the lowest premiums, this is subject to change:

  • Large Sedan
  • Mid-Sized SUV
  • Mid-Sized Minivan

The reason these cars have lower premiums is because they are family cars, and the driver of these vehicles are not likely to speed or drive recklessly.

Just because you drive a big SUV or your drive a luxury car, does not mean your insurance premium will be lower; in fact, in many cases, the premium will be higher. Why? Well for one, if you purchase a luxury car, because it is a theft magnet, the insurance will be a little higher just in case it is stolen! For bigger cars the premium is usually higher because when their is a collision, a large car will cause a lot of damage.

Before you purchase your next vehicle, speak to one of our insurance agents; we can help research different models you’re interested in, and give you a ballpark figure on how much your premium would cost.

Feel free to give us a call to go over car insurance premiums at 978-745-3300. We will do all the research and help you find an affordable premium for the model you wish to purchase!