Flood Insurance Policies MA

Homeowners’ Insurance does not cover flood damage; in order to be covered you need to establish a Flood Insurance Policy. Here at Walsh Insurance, we will help you find the perfect flood insurance policy!

Flooding is ranked as the number one disaster that can occur, not only in Massachusetts, but in the United States, as reported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

More than 50% of residents who live in the designated flood zones do not have the proper flood insurance that will protect their home and their belongings in case of a flooding, and their homeowners’ insurance will not cover damages; more than half of the people who live in flood zones are completely and totally unprotected!

If you don’t live in the designated flood zone, it does not mean your home is immune to flooding; if you live in an area where it rains or snows, no matter how far away from a body of water you are, your home can and will flood, and if you don’t have flood insurance to cover the damages, you’re looking at a pretty big repair bill.

The agents here at John Walsh Insurance have extensive knowledge of flood insurance, as well as the national polices that are available for homeowners.

We are more than willing to assist our clients in finding the best flood insurance policy out there. For more information on the new Flood Insurance Policies, please give John Walsh Insurance a call at 978-745-3300.