Liability Insurance in MA

What is general liability insurance, and do you need it? Having a liability insurance will protect you, as a homeowner or business owner from being sued in case of an accident; so in short, yes you should invest in general liability insurance!

This policy will help protect you from being sued or held legally responsible for any injury or accident that occurs in your place of business, or property.

It can also help protect you from any type of negligence, maybe you didn’t sand the area around your store well enough, or maybe there’s a broken step and someone fell; in cases like this you would be protected when you have insurance.

Or maybe you’re a doctor, and you’re looking to protect yourself and your practice from being sued for malpractice; this insurance policy will help you in cases such as this.

Liability insurance can help cover any legal costs or payouts you would have legally pay. Of course, there are some restrictions that theses polices will not cover; the two most common incidents that will not be covered are: intentional damage, or if you fail to fulfill your part of a contractual agreement.

Business owners and doctors, in particular, should invest in Liability Insurance; doctors in the case of a malpractice suit, and business owners, who sell products that can potentially harm their customers, should call us today to create a policy that will both protect them and cover costs if any legal action is ever taken.

For more information about our liability policies, please give John Walsh a call at 978-745-3300. We will make sure you’re fully covered if any legal action is taken against you!