Valuable Property Insurance

We all have property and belongings that are valued and mean more to us than others; why not insure these valued products to protect them from theft and damage? Here at Walsh Insurance, we have polices that will protect and insure your most valued property, so that if it’s ever stolen or damaged, you have a reliable backup plan!

Your homeowner’s insurance policy, does to an extent, cover valued property, however, there is limitations and deductibles; because of this, it is important to take the extra time to make sure your most prized possessions are fully insured.

There are usually two types of policies: Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cash Coverage.

Actual Cash Value will give you a sum of money based on the current worth of the item that was stolen or damaged. This coverage could also replace the missing item (depending on what it is) but never with a new version. This coverage is great, but it still doesn’t match the Replacement Cash Coverage.

Replacement Cash Coverage will actually cover the actual value of the stolen or damaged property during the period of the claim. The premium is a little higher than that of Actual Cash Value, but you are more likely to get a higher value for the stolen or damaged property.

For more information about our valuable property insurance, please give Walsh Insurance a call at 978-745-3300.