Workers’ Compensation in MA

Accidents are just a way of life, and they happen all the time; sometimes these accidents can occur in the workplace. If you’re a business owner, you need to make sure you are fully covered in the case of an emergency or accident that takes place in the workplace.

Our workers’ comp policies will help cover income, medical bills, and any rehabilitation needs for employees, who were injured during work or by work related duties.

As an employer and business owner, you have to be prepared for anything; this includes looking into our workers’ compensation programs. There are actually three types of policies here in Massachusetts, for you to choose from:

  1. Workers’ Comp insurance and payroll payment program
  2. Workers’ Comp insurance & compatible workers’ comp insurance payment program
  3. Stand-alone worker’s comp

Since the start of our agency, we have been assisting business owners with all of their insurance needs, including workers’ comp; it’s important for employers to be fully covered on all fronts to avoid unnecessary and expensive lawsuits!

For more information about our Worker’s Comp Insurance Policies, please give John Walsh Insurance a call at 978-745-3300.